Join the Harvest Wealth Group Team

We know that wealth is way more than just money. That maxim drives how we serve our clients, but it also deeply informs how we operate as a team. Do you think you have what it takes to run with us? 

One Team with Many Parts

Harvest Wealth Group One Team, Many Parts


Our team of full-time employees and contractors work together to empower our clients to enjoy the moments that matter most. Three departments work collaboratively in order to make this mission a reality.


Our Adviser Team is the frontline contact with our clients. They actively work together to help our clients reach their financial goals. This starts with the Discovery Meeting process, continues through every phase of the client's journey through retirement. 


Our Operations Team is the backbone that holds the whole system together. From behind the scenes, they make the day-to-day work of the job happen. They focus upon details, complementing the direction the Adviser Team has paved.


Our Marketing Team is the public face to the community. Through print and digital materials, branded merchandise, and our online presence, they represent the heart of who we are to the world. They help build the bridge between prospective clients and active clients, managing the imagery, wording and tone of our brand.

Our Mission

Our mission does more than just decorate our webpage. It shapes and informs what we do and how we do it. It centers us on our clients and aims way beyond the management of wealth.

Our Secret Why

Our secret why is the driving force under the surface of it all. Though we are in the finance industry, we know that true wealth is about more than just a number in an account.

Harvest Wealth Group Mission
Harvest Wealth Group Secret Why

Our Core Values

Harvest Wealth Group Core Values- Continuous Growth
Harvest Wealth Group Core Values- Unyielding Integrity
Harvest Wealth Group Core Values- Highly Responsive
Harvest Wealth Group Core Values- Relentless Wow
Harvest Wealth Group Core Values- Extreme Ownership-1
Harvest Wealth Group Core Values- Intentional Margin
Harvest Wealth Group Core Values- High Leverage
Harvest Wealth Group Core Values- Infectious Enthusiasm
Harvest Wealth Group Core Values- Prioritizing People