October 7, 2022 Livestream - Answering your questions regarding the economy

Virtual Town Hall meeting to answer your questions regarding the economy. Hosted by Garret German, Eric Stevens, and economist Bryce Gill.


We were provided with great questions from our clients.  See the full list of questions we were able to answer during our Town Hall, along with their marked time in the recording. 

  • 04:42 Are we in a recession?

  • 07:42 Why does the word recession create fear?

  • 10:12 What is the outlook for the economy through the rest of this year and into next year?

  • 11:42 How does this market outlook affect my investment portfolio?

  • 14:33 Should we expect any market recovery soon?

  • 16:03 When will we see the impact of the Biden Inflation Reduction Act, and will this have a negative or positive effect?

  • 19:59 Is this a consistent downturn across all sectors, or are there a few sectors that could continue to grow?

  • 22:05 Will the November elections affect the economy and the market, and does it matter which political party takes office?

  • 26:54 How does political gridlock within the US Government affect the market?

  • 27:57 Is the current market volatility we are experiencing because of the decisions made during the pandemic?

  • 29:42 Are rising interest rates good or bad?

  • 35:12 Are dividend increases a positive effect of rising interest rates?

  • 40:43 What is the outlook on the real estate market, especially with the concern about interest rates?

  • 47:32 Will mortgage rates remain high?

  • 50:00 There is so much government debt. How is this sustainable, and should we move our assets to gold?

  • 54:20 Is the US dollar about to lose reserve currency status now or in the future?

  • 01:01:58 How will the current economy impact REITs?

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